Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Educational Experience

A brief bit of excitement.  I had an uneventful colonscopy on Friday ... until yesterday when I developed some bleeding.  Short story:  I bled ~2 units before the GI docs clamped off the bleed.  So I am back home today, not too much worse to wear, but a bit tired.  It provided a few moments of reflection:  1) they don't warn you about the risks of a procedure for nothing and 2) don't take those warnings too lightly.  Needless to say I am happy I contacted my MD and went to the ER.  While I wasn't on the edge of death, the bleeding could have gone on indefinitely.  The doctor's collegues met me at the ER and treated me within a couple of hours, I am thankful for their responsiveness and professionalism.

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