Thursday, January 13, 2011

3 Weeks and more

Wow - it has been a long time without a post. Happy New Year Everyone! Merry Christmas! Tres Reyes! and whatever else I missed.

Things are going OK - I guess. Kind of odd and intense. I am not sleeping quite enough.

The Destroyer (Baxter) has continued to grow even bigger. His large square pit bull head hold massive powerful jaws that render everything to small shreds. Naturally this dog is not to be trusted - though he seems good natured.

Christmas passed pretty well. I got 6 things, two of which I bought myself.

We passed my the anniversary of my Mom's death due to heart failure just after the start of the year. Things remain so rentlessly busy that it doesn't leave much time to reflection.

Michigan got trounced by Mississippi State ending Rich Rod's reign. Brady Hoke is in and it seems like a better fit. We'll see.

Anyway, I've spent the last month or so feverishly working on a website. I'll probably have to pay someone to make me a decent template, but that hasn't stopped me from creating the SQL templates and edit screens for databases. I locked up a domain name, but I won't attempt to put it online until I get it farther along. I have learned a lot about PHP, MySQL, Apache, and a bit of new form options. Once I get the website going, I'll probably start making a Web/EDC system for clinical trials. I wrote one using SAS and SAS/Intrnet. However, this can be much better and development will much easier.

It still amazes me all the things you can get for free on the web. The fact that you can download the Apache web-server, PHP, and MySQL for free and be working on a fully functional database driven website is mind boggling. I am just running the website off a desktop in my house and working on a laptop most of the time, editing the files on a shared drive.

This is a long term project. I suspect it will be about 2 more months to bring it on line. If I get it up, I'll post the link here.

Business is a bit down and slow right now. I thought we had outlasted the recession, but the recession has caught up with us. I hope that it heats us before we have to layoff anyone else. That is kind of depressing. We have a lot of our money in business related property that we would lose if things go real far south. That would do a lot to destroy retirement. So, for my kids sake as well as my own, I hope that doesn't happen.

The NC-Va Tech is almost over. Both teams haven't been exactly an example of greatness.... but UNC may be able to pull it out.

Peace everyone.

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