Thursday, January 20, 2011

Airline bad luck or ... MLK Day ... Wake County Schools

Air Luck?

I am on the road - writing from Silver Springs MD. I was supposed to fly up from NC today in order to be ready for a meeting tomorrow morning. Surprise - for the 2nd time in a row - my flight couldn't make it and I ended up driving. So .... all future trips will be by car and I have $1,100 in flight credits to use from non-refundable tickets.

MLK Day passed generally peacefully. It finally raised itself to national attention, but a GOP school board is ending school busing for diversity - setting up a re-segregation of parts of the school system. Wake County is home of Raleigh, the capital of NC. North Carolina has been a fast growing area in recent years and Wake County has benefit from one of the more successful public school systems in the country.

So - you might ask - why fix what isn't broken?

Good question - no good answer. However, leave it to the Colbert Report to provide some insight to the workings of Tedesco (a GOP wanker):

Word of the day is disintegration.

These guys are a special piece of work. They recently decided they wouldn't seek accreditation for the school district because they didn't want to share information with the accreditation organization. They also hired General Tata to take over running the school system. Meanwhile agitators are trying to make it so that all people can vote for any of the school board members. The GOP has a 4-3 advantage and it not necessarily a majority rule because of the districts. (However, I am not sure that is really the issue at all and I don't really have an opinion about their process because I don't know how it came to be - though the board is clearly legitimately elected under their rules.... this ain't Florida after all).

Later gator.

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