Thursday, March 22, 2012

American Idol

[Wrote this on 3/21/12 - just forgot to post it]

The Home Front

I took my 86 year old Dad to Outback this evening.  The steaks were overdone, but given the volume for the cost, it is hard to complain too much about it (though my Father did fairly extensively and the manager offered to bring him a new one).
Now I am watching American Idol.  Last year's crop of singers was better on average by far and there are may be 2 contenders.  It is particularly light.

My middle child tried out for and made one of the NC teams that will be playing in the US Lacrosse National Tournament.  It may be too little too late for a DI school outside of being a walk-on, but I am proud of her effort none the less.  Of course, that means more travel.


Mitt "Etch-a-Sketch" Romney needs only to spend another $100 million on commercials demolishing Sanctorum and he's in like flint.  His soul-less campaign for the Presidency will move on to Obama and we'll soon see $500 million of negative advertising.  Sanctorum is the last of the living dead, while Ron Paul and Newt are simply dead and forgotten.  Sanctorum is still running around like a rooster, but doesn't realize Mitt had chopped his head off some time ago. 

We're all Seamus to Mitt, as if you hadn't already figured this out yourself.  We're going to be strapped to the top of Cadillac as he races off to where ever it is he feels like going. 

Mitt is going to do whatever he wants once he gets elected and it is mostly going to be about taking care of this himself.

Obama's Pipeline is the Way

Watch the Obama administration move the Keystone pipeline through pretty soon.

MSNBC has Become too Foxy

On Hardball yesterday Chris Matthews simply couldn't admit that more domestic energy production would like to even marginally cheaper energy/gas prices in the US.  While I don't think something like the Keystone pipeline is going to make a meaningful difference in the prices we pay at the pump, but it is likely to have some psychological effect on speculators and reduce the cost of transporting fuels. 

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