Thursday, March 1, 2012

Punch a Democrat in the Face Day (or Keep a Woman Down)

Rush Limbaugh wagged the GOP today.  If you are a Repubican and you have a wife or daughter and a shred of dignity, you will turn off Rush and walk away from the misogyny of Rush, the Blunt Amendment, and forced vaginal ultrasounds. 

None of this surprises me, because I saw way too often that GOPers would have liked nothing better than to have a Punch a Democrat in the Face Day. 

It goes way back.  During the Bush/Gore Florida ballot count, I was sickened to watch a GOPer used a megaphone to shout at a women from about a foot away.  That is an act of aggression the same way it is to hit someone.  They police should have arrested the titanic asshole on the spot.  These guys were GOP "heros" for using thuggery to defend Bush.

Too bad no one did then, too bad everyone GOP let Rush and his followers take over their party, too bad all the GOP has left is obstructionism, an irrational hatred and endless disrepect for the Presidency of the United States.

The lunacy will continue until someone has balls big enough to put Rush in his place, someone with balls big enough to tell the Tea Party that tax cuts will only make the debt worse, someone with balls big enough to show respect for ALL AMERICANS, even your President (that's right - the one that got Osama Bin Laden).

Rush Limbaugh said that a women that uses birth control is a sluts and not one GOP candidate for the Presidency of the United States has the guts to call him out on it.  If you've got a wife or daughter that has or may use birth control at some point in their life - Rush thinks they are sluts who should be performing porno on the web for his entertainment.

If you don't walk away from that, you are a sorry excuse for a man, because you would put Rush's giant ego ahead of respect for your own.  I bet you had a laugh at the title of this post:  Punch a Democrat in the Face Day.  Get a life.

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