Thursday, January 19, 2012

South Newtarolina and Bigger News

Newt's on a roll.   Again.  Who would have thought it was possible.  The pugnacious one is back to his bad boy ways.  I don't think Wife #2 is going to do much to change that.  You'd think she'd be happy to be free of the Newtster, not a bigger ex.  (I know, I know, stereotypes are bad, but that is the way it will play).

The bigger news for me was the growing story about Romney parking millions in the Caymans and touting a tax plan that would benefit mainly people like - who else - Romney himself.  I thought the hoopla over "I like the be able to fire people" was overblown.  As any employer knows, you will have to let people go from time to time, and it can end up being a significant headache.  Even when the individual is doing great harm to the company.  However, a much better answer would have been, "I don't like to fire people because it can be hard to replace people and it can be disruptive, but it know how important it is to be able to fire someone if they are hurting everyone else."

I have NO sympathy for parking your money in the Caymans so you can avoid paying taxes in the US.  Particularly from a guy that wants to be the President of the United States.  Because what smacks of leadership like sneaking off your millions to the Caymans when the country has huge deficits.  "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."  Mr. Romney, that means keeping your money here so that it can invested and loaned to Americans and, yes, you can help with the deficit by paying a few more taxes.  All Presidential candidates have to have pretty big egos, but that isn's the same as being selfish.  Mr. Romney is selfish and self absorbed.  (OK may be not as bad as Trump). 

Final note, Romney's tax plan will do two things:  add a lot to the national debt AND pad the pockets of the richest Americans.  A significant portion of our debt is a the fault of the Bush Tax Cuts which also padded the pockets of the richest Americans.  Now Romney plans to double down.   How can that be good for the USA.

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