Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting all Sanctorumous

A bit lagging here - since I started this the day after the Iowa Caucus - but we are now about to New Hampshire and SC. 

First - Meeechigan sports:
  • Woo hoo.  Michigan wins a bowl game and gets 11 wins in a season.  I stayed up to the bitter and was rewarded by a Michigan victory.  It was almost like watching a car crash where we popped out in the end standing with a beer in our hand:  Va Tech dominated the game play but managed to make catastrophic mistake after catastrophic mistake.  I was still sooo happy for the outcome.
  • Michigan lost to Indiana in basketball.  IU had the bulk of the flashy plays and somehow looked way better, but the Wolverines only lost by 1 point.  While it was an important loss, if Michigan had started playing before 12 minutes were past in the 1st half, we would have handled Indiana.  Good and bad.
  • Need to check into college hockey.
Second - politics:
Back to reality or what passes for reality in the Republican primary:  I didn't follow the news for a few days and all of a sudden Rick "man on dog" Sanctorum wins even though he loses in Iowa.  I would say that Sanctorum comes across as more authentic than Romney.  Rick dedicated himself to Iowa, so I guess he deserves some credit for it.  BUT HE LOST.  Still, as of January 7th, he was surging in SC, presumably picking up Newt's and Bachmann voters.  We can forget NH because conservatives and tea partiers don't control the vote in NH.  Good for us, but bad for them, the Tea Party folk and social conservatives have too many choices and did not have enough leaders to thin out the herd prior to the primaries.

I will miss Bachmann even though I find her political positions some of the worst.  But some of her attacks on the others candidates were glorious. 

Obama finally got off of his ass and made some recess appointments.  The Dems were idiots on holding out on Bush's appointments and the GOP were idiots to do the same thing to Obama.  'Nuff said, barring gross incomptence the President should have a lot of freedom to appoint who he wants, that should be part of his victory. 

Romney is close to locking this thing up.

Most important trend so far:  what were going to see from the super PACs in this election.  Expect the most negative and heavily advertised election ever.

Brief note on the future:

Time to re-define the middle class down, so we can still have a middle class.

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