Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New (and End) Year

Lack of Posting = Death (to a blog)

I sort of fell off the wagon quickly trying to deal with a end of year work blitz and trying to help my daughter with looking a lacrosse schools. However, no blog should miss the chance of end of year summaries and predictions.

The ability to predict what will happen was one of humans many evolutionary advantages.

Predictions for 2013, not in any order

The Higgs Boson gets formally found.

Mitt Romney wins the Republican primaries.

The Presidential election seems like it is a coin flip right now - but call I must: Obama wins a 2nd term as President. The reasons I think this will happen are pretty mundane: 1) it is hard to dump a sitting President,  2) Obama has some genuine accomplishments, and 3) the Tea Party line the GOP is forced to tow is not popular with independents.  Even though the economic picture looks grim, the GOP has nothing new to offer except - you got it - tax cuts for the rich.

We will see little or no progress on the deficit this year and the reasons will be entirely political.

Iran will not detonate a nuclear weapon in 2012, but already has the material to make one or more bombs.

We will not make it out of Afghanistan in 2012, but we will by the end of 2014.

  • The Packers will (sadly) win another Super Bowl.
  • LSU will win the National Championship by defeating Alabama.
  • We will not get a football playoff system for BCS level teams, despite the fact that every other NCAA football division has a play-off system.
  • I don't care enough about pro basketball, baseball, or hockey to make any predictions about that. 

Highlights of 2011

My family and kids are all did well.

Son successfully left for college.

Family trip to Chicago and San Franciso. I highly recommend doing the Alcatraz tour. We also did Muir Woods which was highly enjoyable.

US gets OBL.

Michigan football is relevant again.

US gets out Iraq.

UNC won Men's soccer championship.

TCL cancels Kate plus 8 after more agonizing years of rants than ever should have been shown.

Best form of Teenage Birth Control: MTV's Teen Moms

Bad highlights of 2011

My sister passed away.

The VA earthquake that shook our office building was pretty exciting, but it damaged the Washington Memorial. Something I wanted to go to the top of.

The Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent reactor meltdown. It reminds us that if it did happen the past, it can happen again.

The Republican debates.

Celebrity nuisances: Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan (oh where have you gone Freaky Friday?), the Kardashian brand, Russell Brand,

TLC Shows that encourage irresponsible behavior: The Duggars/19 kids and counting, Sister Wives

The Tea Party holding the entire country hostage in order to prove they could hold the entire country hostage --- thus dumping the stock market down, getting the US downgraded, and adding to long term financial uncertainty.

Living with the impact of the sole of object of the GOP being to keep Obama from being a two term President.

Happy New Year!

Here is hoping for a prosperous New Year for everyone.

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