Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Donald Donald Donald Donald ... the next you decide to run another episode of the apprentice hold a debate, please make sure that the apprentices candidates are willing to appear on your show.

I still like Trump, but he was not and is not a serious candidate for the Presidency.

So, we are left to decide whether this was true ego or just a poorly over estimated stunt in order to gain publicity.  I am banking on the latter, that it was a stunt gone awry.

Donald, my friend, please call up Sarah P. and arrange a few motivational talks in stadiums away from the cameras for a while.  You guys can look back on your days of glory.

A deeper question is whether the GOP primary process and sideshow nature of the primaries is going to continue long enough to hurt the GOP next November?  Greater minds than I will have to figure it out.  I kind of assume that it will settle down pretty soon once a few candidates run away.  But, this stuff is just too rich to not enjoy.

Meanwhile, Obama is slowly honing his message and act.  Must be making more than a few conservatives crazy with worries right now.

Sleep well my liberal friends, sleep well.

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