Monday, December 12, 2011

Will the Tea Party elect a Gingrich for Christmas?

Certainly Dr. Suess must be spinning in his grave.  Spray Newt green and add some facial hair, and you can almost see Jim Carrey’s version of the Grinch.  Who else but a Grinch to say that the Palestinians are a made up people and have no claim to the land where they were living.  Of course, at some point, Jerusalem may have been populated entirely by Jewish people.  However, if you are going to use that kind of grounds to expel inhabitants of the land and give it to someone else – then most Americans better start packing because – by Newt’s rules, we’re going to have return the continuous 48 to Native Americans.  I am sure Newt will give his house up first to demonstrate his high ideals (unless may be he is a hypocrite or something).
So who gives us Newt - certainly a much more dangerous candidate that Romney - none other than the world's angriest constituency:  the Tea Party.  They are angry because there exists a government that has the audacity to collect taxes.  Because they are angry they need an angry candidate.  Granted, they tried Rick Perry - but he wasn't ready for prime time.  They tried Bachmann - but she wasn't ready for prime time.  Finally, they figure out that Newt's actually smart enough to make Tea Party politics somehow sound rationale - and he can do angry.  
Bless his soul, though, because Gingrich may actually spare us serial candidate Mitt Romney.  Mitt's seems like a great family guy, but if you've spent the last 6 years running for President and failing, you are not meant to be President.  This also spares us the whole excuse that people don't like Mitt because he is Mormon.  No - he changes his positions like a wind vane and is weak.  What GOP candidate gets whiny about the way he is handled by a Fox reporter?  Really, the interview was too rough?  Aren't you supposed to be man enough to be leader of the free world?
So - take a few minutes to thank the GOP - because they have scored a Christmas hit.  The Grinch (oh I mean the Gingrich) is here for the holidays.  We still got 12 more shopping days to do - let's see what else appears under the tree!
PS - To prove things could get worse for me personally, we had to put down our older dog today.  We had him for 15 years, which is pretty old, but he had dropped from 18 to 14 pounds in about a month.  That can be many things, but nothing we were going to save him from.
PPS - OK - I got some perversely good news:  once I write off my losses for the year I won't owe almost any federal or state taxes.  Meaning, I will possibly be able to get all of my estimates taxes back.  That is like two years of tuition payments for my son's college.  Woo hoo.  (Yes - it also means that I made so little that my write-offs come close to equaling my profits - but I'm trying to be positive).

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