Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tell it ain't so - - - Newt is starting to fade

It looks like Newt may be starting to slip.  The GOP better find the Huntsman fast.  Otherwise they are going to find that Romney = Dukakis.  I'm just saying.

Huntsman has a historically conservative record . . . but we know what his mistake was . . . and you all remember watching him get off on the wrong foot.  I know the suspense is killing you, but he acknowledged that be thought that man's activities contributed to Global Warming.  I know, I know, Huntsman crossed the line and the base has yet to forgive him for it completely.   I think they will, eventually, but it may be a bit longer.

Huntsman's ability to actually take a position like could be magic in the general election.  The Global Warming Litmus test has never made a lot of sense to me for a couple of reasons, but, because it is kind of a recognized litmus test.  So Huntsman's ability to actually say something the majority will find reasonable, even at some political cost to himself within the base, he was able to do it.  Further, the guy is obviously very smart and very articulate.

It may be too late, but if the GOP rushes away from Newt, they may have to go to Huntsman.

Someone I'd like to talk about next is Ron Paul.

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