Friday, December 16, 2011

DC Circuit

OK - I enjoyed the cut of Bachmann taking down Newt in the GOP debate.  Otherwise no politics today.  Ron Paul is my favorite of the current pool of candidates.  He is the most consistent candidate in his libertarian positions.  He had a few nutty moments in the debate, I do believe he is speaking the truth as he sees it.

I completed a round trip from NC to "the District" and back in less than 11 hours picking my son up from college.  Sadly with all of my Father's troubles this fall I was unable to visit him at school during the fall.  I met a few kids in his dorm.  When I pulled up there was a kid throwing up into the garbage can outside the front door.  I presume some irresponsible post-finals partying, at least I hope so.

The ride back was pretty enjoyable.  George Washington was rated as the most political active school in the US and we talked about politics for about an hour and a half.

The school sent a rather humorous note about how my child would be changed from his first semester in school.  I can't really cover it hear, just to say that going to college for one semester is not an excuse for boorish behavior.  If he starts acting like they implied he might, he is going to have a rude awakening coming.

My daughter is still getting recruitment messages from different Division II and III schools.  Some of these schools I know and others I have never heard of.  Mostly they seem to have losing records.  Once we see what her SAT scores look like, we'll try to see if any of these schools match up.  I am not too fond of the idea of her going 8 hours away to play DIII lacrosse where I will never see it.

I guess DI schools and perhaps DII programs get solicited by enough players that they don't have to fish as hard for talent.  Probably even more established DIII programs have a same situation.

The weekend my plans are:  take the youngest to a party, get a Christmas tree, visit with my Dad, and do some work.   We're also doing luminaries on Saturday.  Should be a busy weekend.

Everyone else - have a great weekend.

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