Saturday, December 10, 2011

Commerative Blogging

Admittedly, I found that I have a tendency to make a bold statement or two about planned activities - only to abandon the effort. 

None the less, I will attempt to come back to this blog over the next year as a small tribute to my sister.  She died of a heart attack at the age of 54 in October.  My sister was a somewhat avid reader and supporter this blog, particularly my more extremist political posts.  She lived in Wisconsin where she was active in various left wing political causes, was a fan of the Ed Show, and supporter of numerous liberal organizations, such as the South Poverty Law Center (which I find somewhat annoying).

The past few years have been pretty tough:  my Mother died at the beginning of 2010, my business has shrunk from 25 employees to 15, my Father was diagnosed with Parkinson's, moved to be closer to us, and now is in the dying; and my sister passed away.  My Father has stopped eating very much, developed a bad wound, and mentally is often significantly disoriented.  Those are the bigger things, but there have been other defeats and insults along the way.

In any event, as I shrink down some of my efforts, I will try to take a little bit of that time to write.  Now that the world has been prematurely deprived on my sister's liberal outrage, I feel that she would have wanted me to express a little for her.

While  I am admittedly a bit beaten down, I hate to be a whiner.  I have numerous things to be thankful for, which is part of slowed down my blogging in the first place.  My kids have been gems - one a freshman at George Washington, a daughter who has good grades and is getting recruited to play lacrosse in college, and a wonderful middle school student.  My wife remains amazing.  Our dog Baxter is destroying significantly fewer things than he did previously.  I still have a business and a job (even though I did lose a lot of money this year).

So, what does the future hold?  Hopefully a better balance between the good and the bad. 

Peace to everyone!

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