Monday, December 19, 2011

Holy Smokes, What are they Smoking?

Republicans continued to take aim at their own feet today when the House decided not to take up a bill that would have provided a two month extension to the payroll tax cut.  I am not sure that I know the reason other than it must be a tea party snit fit.  The whole tax cut extension debate smacks back to the summer and the willingness of the House Republicans to shake the confidence of the world in the US willingness to fund our debt.   Have no doubt, these are the kind of people that would shoot your dog for barking, yell at your kids for walking on their lawn, and make fun of the poor.

My favorite GOP point about the tax cut is that "it ought to be funded."  

May be we should repeal all the Bush tax cuts unless they were funded.  Stunning and deafening silence.  Of course, but the GOPers are the world's biggest hypocrites on that front.  Oddly though, there are some of them  that are angry at George W. because he created massive systematic deficits by cutting taxes without addressing spending.  Of course, one can abort history, and all they had to do was "just say no."   So, like I tell my kids, if you did it, then you've got to own it.

Sorry my Tea Party pals, but you guys are just as responsible as George W.

What ever that Koolaid is that they are drinking, I think it is time to cut off Newt's supply.  Perhaps we could just abolish all courts and elect Newt King of the United States.  Sheesh.

I will, however, point out my dismay that Obama seemed to take personal claim to the US getting Osama.  Obviously it was the culmination of years of hard work but the intelligence agencies and the military.  A gutsy call, but lets be real

Kind of reminds me how Republicans seem to attribute the fall of Communism to Reagan, even though it was the culmination of years policy that started after the end of World War II.

Please grow up before you screw this country up for even a longer time.

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