Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Colors and Incredibly Boring Travel Links

I just completed a blitz of driving. Thursday I flew into Detroit/Ann Arbor to help my Father emtpy his safety deposit box and pick up some stuff. I could see there was a soccer game at Huron High school, my alma mater. We had the distinction of being River Rats, something I found rather pleasing then and still now. I never knew any of the famous people listed on the Wikipedia page for the school.

On Friday, we then drove to just north of Cincinnati on Friday. Saturday, we started from Oxford OH (Home of Miami of OH University) headed south on OH 127 then went on US 71 towards Columbus. It was then a jaunt down highway 35 through Chillocothe (which had a very bady smelling odor) and Gallipolis (we debated the pronunciation) on the way to US 64. US 64 ran into Charlestown, a city which my son holds in some disdain for reasons I can't understand, where we got US 77 and the West Virginia turnpike.

The colors were pretty spectacular and the sky cloudless almost the whole way.

I thought I was going to get a ticket in VA just a bit after the Big Walker Mountain tunnel. If you drive through VA avoid speeding - unless you find yourself on US95 - then everyone seems to zip along. Anyway, I had coasted down a hill and nearly reached 80 mph when a cop pulled out onto the highway just as I passed. He flipped on his lights then drove past me and pulled over another car.

After Fancy Gap you head down a long long hill with this incredible view towards NC. You can see the oddly shaped Pilot Mountain and Mount Airy (it should remind you Mount Pilot of The Andy Griffith Show).

After that, though, and hour and a half on US40 from Winston-Salem to Burlington is not exactly enjoyable.

The whole trip went from SE OH, WV, VA, and NC.

On Sunday, I drove to Greenville NC (home of ECU) for my youngest child's soccer game. They played horrible and lost 3-1. Then it was back in the car for 2 more hours of driving. The purple and yellow was out everywhere on Sunday, since ECU upset NSCU on Saturday. The town was reasonably impressive.

Total time 4.5 + 9 + 4 = 17.5 hours of driving - but beautiful fall colors.

As the links indicate .... not too exciting though.

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