Thursday, October 21, 2010

Layoffs and In the Book

I'm reading the Biology of Doom bit by bit. My Father has a short role in the book and I have had it for some years. So, I thought I would peruse it. Stashed at the old house is my Father's pistol from his officer years - I'd like to get it if I can when my sister cleans out the house. He was drafted into the Army and did some interesting things - most of which he has never talked about as it was classified I guess.

We lost three employees at work this week - not died of course - but left or let go. As an employer I can't talk about the details - except to say that it sad and maddening at the same time. This is a time when young people value social connections more than their jobs and employers. I have now stopped thinking people will know how to behave when they come to us, I just tell them what they need to do in a job: serve the company and their bosses by giving their best and being honest. If you look aside when someone steals or badmouths everyone else, you are at best enabling. I say at best, because you are much worse.

So we take a few steps back.

I have learned my lesson over the last few years that loyalty is as crucial as intelligence and a good work ethic.

I know a fair number of successful people who built companies and sold them. They surrounded themselves by good managers and made their companies first at all costs. They took with them and enriched the people that helped them and were there in the crunch. These guys aren't inherently nice or nasty, they just are doing what it takes to succeed.

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