Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waning Energy, Tea Party Stuff, Near Death Experiences

Just finishing reviewing (a first pass) through a 52 page report. I'll have to do it again tomorrow in more detail. I lost hours out of my day dealing with family related stuff. My day starts at about 6:15 AM and ends about at 10:30 PM most days. Rarely is there some totally down period. I don't read many books any more.

Work has been hellish for the last year. I think that is mostly over. A reduced staff, higher utilization, and a realigning of some employees. That has taken a significant emotional toll of its own.

My Mother's death in January and the resulting activities in helping my Dad resettle in NC also takes some energy. I am very happy he is here, however, and I wish both my parents had moved long ago like we wanted.

So - blogging got stopped for a long time - due to waning energy and interest (and a bit of playing EVE online).

Still, I experience outrage and disbelief when I'm allowed to concentrate on politics. The Tea Baggers (nasty term for Tea Party, since they tend to use the Democrat Party) offer up continuing proof of the idiocy of the American public. (To his credit, recently a founder of the movement lambasted the people that coopted it). The Tea Baggers are something the Morlocks from H G Wells The Time Machine. They are some bastardized and warped descendent of Reagan and the 1994 GOP that has been morphed by Limbaugh, Fox News, Hannity, etc. They are angry angry people without a coherent solution to anything. Tax cuts (they like that), smaller government (the only profess to like this, but they really don't want any cuts), and oooo foreigners are bad.

The Tea Baggers are proof that public education as failed and that conservative talk shows have won.

Obama should have been so lucky to have let McCain win. Then we'd be that much closer to closing the door on Palin and all of Bush's left over economic shit would not be getting slowly pinned on him. Laughably, really, most Tea Baggers are really Bush protoges, though Bush did have some kind feelings toward Latinos that is not too apparent in the Tea Party.

I will say that GWB always had a gung-ho attitude. Obama can be too aloof sometimes to be sure.

OK - so that is all the outrage I can generate right now.

Someone in my office nearly choked to death at home this week. Only his wife being there to perform the Heimlich Maneuver saved his life. He came out of a happy dream slumped over the table with his wife saving him. On the way to a NDE. I hope I never have one myself. I'll work him for more details, but apparently he was headed out comfortably, only to be ripped back to the cruel world.

Final notes: NC state fair passed and I managed to avoid it. 5 Points to me.

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