Sunday, October 10, 2010

Massive Past Deletes and Odd Energy

To post again?

It has been over a year or year and a half. In that time, my Mother passed away, we got a new dog, my Father has moved into town, and things have moved on. My business has contracted - though may start growing again - I've had various personal conflicts and mental batterings.

In all, I would say, rather tiring. However, I abandoned playing an on-line game for lack of time, so I may now have enough time to blog a bit.

The Internet has a memory of three to five years

At one time I had about 700 to 800 posts between two sites. I deleted them all. Starting over at some point. They don't seem the readily searchable any more.

I was proud of a few, but not that many were very good.

My real world identify has quite a few links. It takes a while to unravel them. I don't think they could be eliminated. However, as time goes by, if I get out of business, they will go so far down into Google as to functionally disappear.

This should give some hope to people who have posted all sorts of stupid stuff on the web.

Interesting stuff from the past week:

Attended NASS for a couple of days in Orlando.

Jeb Bush was flying on the same plane as me. I didn't pester him.

Saw a kind of good talk by Daniel Ariely.

Learned that physicians will never be in private practice again once the latest set of government laws are fully enacted. I feel very bad they will be regulated so heavily. Just as they are being chased out of their profession - we are faced with a future deficit of general practioners and specialists. You should be very afraid about the future of medical care.

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