Sunday, July 19, 2009

UFOs, Ghosts, and Guilty Pleasures

I admit that I like to read The Anomalist - it is interesting compilation of links and mini descriptions of websites dealing with ufos, ghosts, odd-wildlife, and other stuff. But do UFOs and ghosts actually exist? If you Google "best ufo evidence" you'll get 150,000 links (or something) but does that really mean anything. If you Google "John Galt" you get over a 1,000,000 links, though John Galt is both a fictional character and real people with that name.

Links, of course, don't prove anything. It will never by possible to definitely prove there are no UFOs or ghosts. It may be possible to prove that UFOs exist and that they are aliens from a different planet. I don't rule out that ghosts exist, though I've never seen one and I hope I never do.

Things that I consider to have no value as evidence: pyramids, etchings in stones from ancient peoples, and probably everything before the modern era. What we do have photos and incidents that people experience or things recorded on radar. We have the Roswells and triangular ships and flying cylinders.

What to make of all this? I don't really know. One of the biggest things weighting against UFOs seems to me to be that they are so random AND the lack of physical evidence. Do you really believe the government could cover that much successfull at covering stuff up? I don't. Of course you can be a conspiracy buff and think that 1) the US never landed on the moon and 2) the government is covering up contacts with extraterrestials.

Hmmm. Lost my train of thought.... must be rays beamed into my house causing me confusion.

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