Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy July 1 - Political Comments

The SCOTUS got it right on the Sotomayer/Firemen case. Sorry liberals, Sotomayer's nonsense about being a better judge than a white male doesn't pass snuff either. Still, I don't see knocking her out of the job because of just those things.

Al Franken wins in MN: Rarely is a man so obnoxious unduly deprived of something you'd of rather not see him have due to an even bigger jerk. Oh well. There you go.

Obama's gigantic expenditures on healthcare won't be a cure all for health care, but it will be one more nail in our collective coffin. On an interesting side note, Obama's policies included partial government funding for getting insurance through COBRA. Now my previous employees get to pay less for insurance and I cover the government portion until such time as it decides to pay me back the difference. (My faith is low, but it will probably work out, and I do see some value in the plan).

(Non-political) The US lost a heart breaker to Brazil in South Africa. Wow - who new we could play so well - but who was completely surprised by the second half choke (even if we were playing Brazil). Donovan proved to be a man despite being kind of skinny and all. We already know Howard was a man. Plenty of other good play from the US, though we're still 3 or 4 quality players short of being able to compete consistently.

Later dudes.

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