Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Burning bridges faster than you can say...

I am obviously nearing some proverbial breaking point, having got in the face of 4 clients in the span of about 4 days. This kind of trend will have me out of business faster than you can say I'm a stupid idiot. It is bound to back fire in the last case - just perpetrated about 15 minutes ago - where I told a client that he couldn't talk to me a certain way .... and that I would be happy to provide him his code library and instructions of how to use it (not instructions on where to put it).

About six hours earlier I engaged in a few holds barred verbal battle with a client about a $250k project - because I wasn't going to cut enough out to suit him and I was willing to not get the before caving to unlikely demands about someone that doesn't know my business.

Before that I partly chewed out a customer for essentially whining to me about having to work the weekend - after he caused me to have to work while on my vacation in the UK.

Normally I would have let all of these things go. This can't be a good sign (unless additional assertiveness is a good thing).

Hope you guys are more in control that me these days.

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