Saturday, July 4, 2009

Looney tunes (Sarah Palin quits)

Calling Daffy Duck:

Sarah Palin doesn't want to play any more, so she's taking her ball and going home. Sarah apparently just can't take the heat and so she's gonna stay out of the kitchen. She doesn't want do the stuff other lame duck governors do - so rather than just not do them as governor - she's just going to quit being governor.

To quote Captain Renault, "I'm shocked" to find that Palin isn't going to finish her commitment to the people of Alaska. You could just knock me over with a feather.

On a serious front:

I'm going to begin exploring how I can protect myself in the coming US debt disaster.

I'm throwing out my previous faint hope that Obama might really try to better than Bush, but his plans are just a different form of deficit spending.

Economic trouble continues:

If you missed the unemployment numbers ... you must have your head in the ground. They weren't good, but nature of the world economy and certain the GOP policies have done much to make recovery harder.

Rather than generating a trillion or two of additional deficit spending on government insurance, we should be spending money to make medical school affordable: lets churn out educated people to do the work, set up a fund to replace medical malpractice, etc. We take MDs and medical professionals for granted and they'll just pull out at some point.

More importantly the Democrats in particular and the GOP with somewhat less guilt have done too much to fund social programs ... the problem is, of course, that no one can accept the truth: there isn't enough money to eliminate all suffering and at least some of those suffering choose to keep on doing the things that put them there.

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