Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big old pile of Sh*t

For a long time GM and Chrysler were advertisers on Rush Limbaugh's radio program. Now he is advocating you not buy GM cars in order to keep Obama's plans from succeeding. How many people have to be put out of work because the leaders Rush supported allowed the financial system to spin out of control? How many billions did we pour into the banking system to keep banks from failing - not because they deserved it but because they were "too big to fail."

Now apparently Rush and some other rightie talk show hosts are echoing a call to boycott GM products.

Where were they when Bush ran up the debt in order to give out tax breaks and fund an optional war in Iraq? Forget the fact that Bush's policies were already throwing us into deficits before the war. It was just bad policy.

They are right there: the Right. The giant ditto head machine. Openly saying they hope Obama fails and willing to take down as many American industries as it takes - and leave as many Americans unemployed as it takes.

While I never knew anyone like this, I think there were lefties that wanted things to go less than perfectly in Iraq because it was Bush's war. I find that kind of attitude disgusting. The human cost to our soldiers and the people in Iraq is not the kind of thing any decent person should trifle with just to wish ill upon a President they don't like.

However, when people become unemployed, some of them committ suicide, some of them turn to crime, some get ill and can't afford health care they need, some of them end up homeless, and some lose everything. What kind of sick group of people would wish that human cost upon the American people just because they don't like the President.

Argue the merits of policy all you want. Prove you're more of a defict hawk than I am. But if you listen to the piles of excrement that are encouraging you to boycott GM so Obama fails, you need to spend some time taking a hard look at yourself. You might find yourself staring at another sick pile of crap.

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