Friday, June 5, 2009

Tough Times for Other People

This morning on the television there was a woman who was in the midst of bad times. Her husband had just died the previous year, she was working two jobs, she had just moved to the area, and was called from work by her son. When she arrived home a fire in the townhouses had spread to her roof and the firemen had poured fire into the place. In it was the bed she had just gotten the previous day, but never slept in.

Surely she must feel like the world is not her friend.

A plane broke apart over the Atlantic in a massive thunderstom leaving no survivors.

Unemployment jumped to over 10% in NC earlier, but seems to be stabilizing.

I recently talked to the parent of a girl that had failed to make the soccer team she really wanted to be on last year, but was trying again this year. I don't know if she made it.

Here is a post on the Another Monkey blog with links to several articles about the rape of children.

Take a little bit of time today or tomorrow to be thankful for the things you have and remember those who have been damaged by things beyond their control.

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