Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Right Killed Again - Getting Ready for More

Are you ready for the Civil War?

Last week the Right wing paranoid talking machine sent a gunman into the Holocaust museum.

We'll see a decent chance someone will manage to take out Obama at some point.

Read this (what should be chilling) column by Frank Rich. The Right didn't express outrage at the murder of an MD because they welcome the violence turned against those that "brought it upon themselves" for going against their wishes. Now, of course, Obama isn't really a citizen and is the first "Muslim" President.

Iran possibly re-elected Ahmadinejad, but the extreme nature of the voting results makes it seem likely significant voter fraud was involved. If not, then we know that Iran is after the bomb and we can expect it to pursue a more destructive policy line in the future. Sad.

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