Monday, June 22, 2009

Return to the Good Old USA

Home Scene

We finally returned at last from 10 days of power touring.

Things went pretty well, but Treasure of the Sierra Madre came to mind as everyone got more and more tense.

The Good:

  • The UK really is more expensive that Disney World, so I can feel better about Disney if we ever return.
  • Atlas Shrugged is still going great guns half way through the book.
  • Things at work were in pretty good shape when I returned.I think the trip will be a good memory and exposure for the kids.
  • Next year, we can go to the beach again.
The Bad:
  • The UK really is more expensive that Disney World, so I regret the cost of the trip.
  • I have some bad sinus infection or cold that is still going on right now.
I let my 9 year old control the digital camera and she took >500 photos. I'm guessing 40 to 50 are worth printing out. Thankfully it uses a rechargeable battery, so there has been no real additional cost to me yet.

World Scene

Iran is still having fits with internal dissent. Evidence of vote rigging continues to accumulate. Deaths, water cannons, home invasions: nothing like a hard crack down to demonstrate that a theocracy serves the will of the people.

China wants Google to only return Chinese sites if the request is made from within China: nothing like the fear of knowledge to show your state is about controlling the people, not serving the people.


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